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Chassis and steel construction welding process, welding of all kinds of materials with 2 6-axis Welding Robots, chassis, boom, telescopic boom, platform boom welding operations are carried out with 8-ton chassis rotation positioner and 2 L Positioners in our Welded production workshop.

Welding processes of high-strength steels between 3-50 with Submerged Submerged (MAG) and Gas Submerged + Submerged Submerged (MAG+SAW) techniques are performed by our welding engineers and certified welders. Our company has a certificate of competence to weld welding processes using MAG+Saw techniques, at World standards (EN 15614-1).

Quality control is carried out with 100% measurement control, visual inspection and non-destructive testing techniques at every stage of welded production. Magnetic Test (MT) or Penetrant Test (PT) is performed before the shipment of the products.

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